What is stevia?

Stevia is a herb that grows wild in the forested areas of South America. Since old events, indigenous social orders of the Guarani faction in Paraguay have used the herb for use and for patching purposes. The stevia varieties are practically 300 and their best stevia rebaudiana .

Is stevia safe to use?

The stevia herb has been utilized for human utilization for a long time with no negative results. In late decades, various examinations have been directed indicating that neither people nor creatures are in danger of stevia.

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What are the benefits of using stevia?

Studies appear, in addition to other things, the accompanying advantages of utilizing stevia: Polysaccharides from stevia leaves and prepared stevia items go through the stomach related arrangement of the human body without leaving a solitary calorie. In contrast to sugar and numerous different sugars, stevia doesn’t influence your glucose. Thusly, stevia is an ideal and safe alternative for diabetics. Stevia items from VIA-HEALTH are 100% regular. The polysaccharides in stevia are 250 to multiple times better than sugar. Stevia keeps its properties up to 200 ° C and accordingly, stevia can be utilized in many plans. Stevia advances the taste, doesn’t pine for, doesn’t cause tooth harm and is non-poisonous.

Where is the stevia herb grown?

Stevia develops wild in the mountains of Paraguay and in the south of Brazil. Today, stevia is developed in China, Japan and different nations of Asia, South America, Europe, Ukraine, North America, and India.

Why is stevia relatively new in the market?

Albeit wild stevia herb has been utilized in the Amazon since ancient occasions, sorted out development didn’t start until the late twentieth century. Related to an expanded inventory, the utilization of stevia has gotten progressively far-reaching. Today, stevia is utilized all through the world, in Australia, Brazil, Europe, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Singapore, and the United States.

Why are Via-Health® products better than other stevia products on the market?

When utilizing VIA-HEALTH items just unadulterated water is utilized. Polysaccharides are sifted from stevia leaves without the utilization of poisons, so the flavor of the sweet is regular and impeccably fit nourishment and drink. In the polysaccharides of the items, just unadulterated water is utilized. In a mind-boggling process, an assortment of polysaccharides is separated from the stevia leaf to give them a reasonable sweetness that is entirely appropriate for nourishment and drink. The drops from VIA-HEALTH are produced in Iceland and produced using unadulterated Icelandic water, the most flawless on the planet.

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